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Intranet website used to query and analyse an excessively large database of GIS data for GHD Engineering.

The client needed to perform advanced queries to look for trends in the data. Data points were captured every second for the last six months. The C# backend would build complex SQL query and send it off to get processed in real time. 

The main challenge of the project was to make sure the website and queries were fast, but maintain flexibility in what the user could query. Some of the calculations and table matching could be done in advance, so every 24 hours a normalisation was run to pre-compute as much data as possible to keep the website running fast.

  • Solo Developer
  • C#.Net, MVC5, 
  • HTML5, JS (Angular), CSS (Bootstrap)
  • Entity Framework, Linq
  • MSSQL, Database optimisation and normalisation
  • Unit Testing
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Advanced GIS mathematics

A large, custom built website, combining CRM, Accounting, and Technical works.

  • PHP, Ajax, PostgreSQL, JQuery, JavaScript, Web security, HTML, CSS
  • Handling user logins, sessions and authentication\
  • LAMP servers
  • Print servers
  • Bug Fixing/Troubleshooting
  • SVN

Build a server from the ground up to send SMS’s via a web request.

This server used three different service providers for load balancing and fail-over redundancy. The server acted as an internal middle man for a company servicing multiple clients with analytics and reporting builtin.

  • PHP, Ajax, MySQL, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, 
  • Authenticated user interface
  • LAMP server
  • Fail-over redundancy and Verbose error handling
  • Request authentication
  • Extensibility API
  • Agile Development (SCRUM)
  • Payment management

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This realestate website is a very interactive, data-driven website. It pulls in data from a remote server to display as available lots with filtering and other options available.

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A large website which essentially facilitates the purchase and sale of minesites around the world. 

I was primarily back-end, with bit of front-end. The site was build on craftcms with extensive custom pulgins.

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A large interactive map of animals from around the world. The zoo is asking for donations and showing information on different animal which can be donated to.

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UTM to Lat Long converter

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A multi-tiered, business-to-business sales and warehouse management platform.

The clients business model was to guarantee a 3 hours delivery on any order in Perth. To facilitate this, a lot of processes needed to be handled automatically by the software.

  • Technology
    • ReactJS Frontend
    • ReactJS Admin
    • Laravel API (was symfony)
  • Functionality
    • Hierarchy structure of client and sub clients 
    • Highly flexible markups and promotions
    • Automatic manufacturer data scraping for price and stock management
    • Product customisation by Brand, Category, and SKU

Community Projects

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A highly flexible, customisable, flight tracking application for operating drones and complying with regulations and requirements.

This has been released free for public use.

  • Graphic design, user experience design, data architecture design
  • PHP, JavaScript
  • Laravel, AngularJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass
  • LAMP server, Cloud hosting
  • Branding and Design
  • Fully responsive design
  • Strong vertical isolation

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MyDesktop is a realestate software company which assists realestate agents manage their property listings. I've created a Drupal CMS plugin for MyDesktop so realestate agents can pull in their properties and list them on their own website.

I've licensed this plugin under the open MIT License, free for use by all.

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Due to server requirements, a project I was working on was stuck with PHP version 4 (a very old version of php).

This was a very data-heavy website and I need an effective, simple way to make queries to improve development speed and maintainability. I created a query library for the very old version of PHP and uploaded it for all to use.

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A free knowledge base for installing, using and troubleshooting Trimble Pivot Platform.

The Pivot Platform is a very complex, very advanced platform with very few instruction manuals. After working with clients for a while it became obvious a solution to help and training was required.

Charity Projects

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One arm point on the Dampier Peninsular has amazing wildlife and scenery. I built a brochure website for the Aboriginal community called Ardyaloon, who runs a small tourism office on the very end of the peninsular.

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Riverside Bushmans Rodeo is a non-profit charity program which hosts various events, the main one being an annual rodeo competition in Australias' far north-west. This charity and event aim to raise awareness for youth suicide (and prevention) and "no silence for domestic violence"